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Euronete Casts Advanced Tuna Netting


Using a one-of-a-kind lengthwise heat-setting machine, Lankhorst Euronete has combined an advanced stabilization method and a specially designed mending process to produce the most technologically improved tuna net currently on the market. Designed by WireCo’s Ben Wensink, the heat-setting machine thermo-stabilizes the netting in a vertical steam bath, allowing for a longer length and higher quality netting. 

The new Tuna netting is made from high tenacity spun-dyed nylon fibers and uses a special mending process to connect panels together rather than using traditional lacing methods. Used mainly to catch Skipjack, Yellowfin and Bigeye tuna, the net is thermo stabilized in such a way that guarantees maximum knot tightening helping to avoid any shrinkage and knot slippage when in use.

“Our current field tests have shown that the improved design has dramatically increased sinking, catches and hauling speeds, while also minimizing fish entanglements and other common issues,” said Wensink. “Combing the best raw materials on the market with the heat setting machine, our team has developed a product that will last longer and improve productivity for our customers.”

In addition to EuroFix Tuna, WireCo Product Engineering Department will launch addition products this year including finalizing two new synthetic projects, Hiperom and Greenscape. 

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