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Lanko®force sets new HMPE rope benchmark


Lanko®force is a well-proven synthetic rope in maritime applications demanding high strength. By switching to the latest high modulus polyethylene (HMPE) yarns from Dyneema®, we’ve boosted the rope’s strength retention factor.

Lanko®force is a 12 strand braided rope, and an excellent alternative to heavy and lumbersome steel wire ropes in situations requiring manual handling of the rope. Indeed, while the strength of Lanko®force is comparable to that of conventional steel wire rope, it weighs 7 times less making it an easier rope to handle.

The introduction of DSM’s Dyneema® SK78 fibers for Lanko®force ropes sets a new benchmark for HMPE rope performance in mooring, towing, salvage and lifting. The yarn has a maximum strength rating of 35 cn/dtex compared with other HMPE yarns offering up to 30 cn/dtex, producing a stronger rope. Most importantly, the rope’s higher strength retention factor means the fibers are well suited to the small, repetitive shock loads encountered during towing.

Creep performance is another area of improvement; as a result Lanko®force shows significantly less structural elongation under static loads during long-term moorings.

By switching to Dyneema SK78 we’re able to make a step change in the strength, resilience and creep performance of HMPE maritime ropes. With Lanko®force we are able to offer operators an easier to handle alternative to steel wire ropes for towing, salvage and lifting.

Lanko®force ropes are also available in a range of protective jackets where the rope is exposed to high levels of abrasion and resultant heat. Three types of jacket are available: polyester, Tipto® and Dyneema®. Lankhorst also offers Lanko®force with the innovative Challenger coating, significantly reducing wear from abrasion. The absence of the jacket on the body of the rope makes it easier to inspect the rope and means the rope requires less maintenance, thus increasing the rope’s utility.

For more information on Lankhorst maritime ropes call +61 (0)8 9437 4149 or email sales@leaustralia.com.au. You can also visit our website www.leaustralia.com.au

Visit us at AOG 2015

The annual Australasian Oil and Gas Exhibition & Conference (AOG) is the platform event for the Australian oil & gas industry, providing opportunities to network and learn about the latest technological and technique breakthroughs which will drive the industry into the future. As Australasia’s largest oil and gas industry event for more than 30 years, AOG is expected to attract over [...]

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Euronete Casts Advanced Tuna Netting

Using a one-of-a-kind lengthwise heat-setting machine, Lankhorst Euronete has combined an advanced stabilization method and a specially designed mending process to produce the most technologically improved tuna net currently on the market. Designed by WireCo’s Ben Wensink, the heat-setting machine thermo-stabilizes the netting in a vertical steam bath, allowing for a longer length and higher quality netting.  The new Tuna netting [...]

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First KO-LINK's for Australia!

Lankhorst Euronete Australia will be incorporating the new KO-LINK into a 640m custom built Emergency Tow Line Assembly. The KO-LINK is a highly polished, lightweight, aluminium ring, which is inserted and attached to the splice eye of the grommet and in this case, another is fitted into the Pennant. The ring connects the main towline and the pennant in [...]

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​Innovative KO-LINK towing ring now available

Longer lasting towropes and safer towing The innovative KO-LINK towing ring, developed by international maritime service provider KOTUG International BV, is now available exclusively from leading maritime ropes supplier, Lankhorst Ropes, under a worldwide marketing agreement. The KO-LINK ring significantly increases synthetic towing line service life by preventing the HMPE pennant from cutting through the line. KO-LINK is a highly [...]

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Wireco Attended Abu Dhabi Oil & Gas Conference

The WireCo family, including Lankhorst, Union, CASAR, Camesa and Oliveria, teamed together as "One WireCo" for the 30th Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC). The 2014 conference was the largest ever: with over 1,800 exhibitors, 100,000 square meters of floor space, around 70,000 visitors and over 6,300 delegates flocking to the conference.

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WireCo Among KC's Fastest-Growing Companies

WireCo WorldGroup has been recognized by Ingram’s Magazine as one of the fastest-growing companies in the Kansas City metro area. The listing is determined in a review of company revenue and growth over a rolling four year period of time.  WireCo was presented the award during a reception in early November, which recognized the area’s top businesses.With revenue growth of 83.6 percent [...]

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Wire Rope Handling Job

Hi Everyone, We have a position at Available for somebody with Good Wire Rope Knowledge and Handling Skills. You will be responsible for the following (But not limited too);• Manufacturing Wire Rope Assemblies • Wire Rope Lifting Slings• Winch Ropes• Wire Rope Swageing• Wire Rope Socketing• Wire Rope Splicing• Testing of Manufactured items. We are the Australian arm [...]

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WireCo World Group acquires Lankhorst Euronete Australia

Recent Acquisition of Lankhorst Euronete Australia Pty Ltd Expands WireCo Footprint in Australia David HornadaySr. VP and Chief Administration OfficerWireCo WorldGroup816-270-4710 KANSAS CITY, Missouri – November 14, 2012 – WireCo WorldGroup Inc. (WireCo), global leader in producing and marketing of wire rope, electromechanical cable and a major producer of wire products announces a new sales structure and increased [...]

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